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Aplin, Kath, Morgans, Lisa, Palczynski, Laura, Main, David C J, Debbaut, Chrlotte, Hepworth, Lucy and Reed, Jemma (2023) Calf health veterinary services: Making them work for calves, farmers and veterinarians. Vet Record, 193 (e3051).


Benton, T, Curry, A, Fredenburgh, J, MacMillan, Tom, Bridle, S, Sanderson Bellamy, A, Kepinsky, S and Ward, N (2023) What could the UK agri-food systems look like in 2050? [Report]


Dooley, John (2023) ‘Frankenstein’ meat or food future: farmers tell.

de Boon, Auvikki, Sandstrom, Camilla and Rose, David Christian (2023) To adapt or not to adapt, that is the question. Examining farmers’ perceived adaptive capacity and willingness to adapt to sustainability transitions. Journal of Rural Studies, 105 (103171). ISSN 0743-0167


Fierro, Zeus Mateos, Garratt, Michael P. D., Fountain, Michelle T., Ashbrook, Kate and Westbury, Duncan B (2023) The potential of wildflower strips to enhance pollination services in sweet cherry orchards grown under polytunnels. Journal of Applied Ecology.


Hill, Inge (2023) Remember ‘social enterprises’? Enterprise Educators UK.

Hou, Deyi, Al-Tabbaa, Abir, O'Connor, David, Hu, Qing, Zhu, Yongguan, Wang, Liuwei, Kirkwood, Niall, Ok, Yong Sik, Tsang, Daniel C W, Bolan, Nanthi and Rinklebe, Jörg (2023) Sustainable remediation and redevelopment of brownfield sites. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 4. pp. 271-286. ISSN 2662-138X


Jefferson, Richard G., Wagner, Markus, Sullivan, Elizabeth, Tatarenko, Irina, Westbury, Duncan B, Ashton, Paul and Hulmes, Lucy (2023) Biological Flora of Britain and Ireland: Geranium pratense. Journal of Ecology. pp. 1-31. ISSN 1365-2745

Jones, A, Bridle, S, Denby, K, Bhunnoo, R, Morton, D, Stanbrough, L, Coupe, B, Et, al. and MacMillan, Tom (2023) Scoping potential routes to UK civil unrest via the food system: results of a structured expert elicitation. Sustainability, 15 (20). p. 14783. ISSN 2071-1050


Kumar, Amit, Kumar, Vinod, Chawla, Mrinalini, Thakur, Monika, Bhardwaj, Renu, Wang, Jianxu, O'Connor, David, Hou, Deyi and Rinklebe, Jörg (2023) Bioremediation of mercury contaminated soil and water: A review. Land Degradation & Development, 35 (4). pp. 1261-1283. ISSN 1085-3278


Mabizela, G S, van der Rijst, M, Slabbert, M M, Mathabe, Patricia, Muller, M, de Beer, D, Stander, M, Colling, J, Walczak, B, Joubert, E and Bester, C (2023) Response of Cyclopia subternata to drought stress � assessment of leaf composition, proteomics and product quality. South African Journal of Botany, 161. pp. 96-112.

MacMillan, Tom, Pressland, Kate, Price, J and Dye, O (2023) Agricultural Universities Council Research Strategy. [Report]

Manning, Louise, Dooley, John, Dunsford, Illtud, Goodman, Michael K, MacMillan, Tom, Morgans, Lisa C, Rose, David Christian and Sexton, Alexandra E (2023) Threat or opportunity? An analysis of perceptions of cultured meat in the UK farming sector. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 7.

Manning, Louise, Dooley, John, Dunsford, Illtud, Goodman, Michael, MacMillan, Tom, Morgans, Lisa, Rose, David Christian and Sexton, Alexandra (2023) Threat or opportunity? An analysis of perceptions of cultured meat in the UK farming sector. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 7.

Mathabe, Patricia, Caleb, Oluwafemi, Kgang, Itumeleng, Klein, Ashwil, Belay, Zinash, Hussellman, Lizex and Nkomo, Andrew (2023) Bioassays and proteomics as early detection tools in postharvest management of table grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) diseases – A Review. Food Bioscience.

Mathabe, Patricia, Caleb, Oluwafemi, Kgang, Itumeleng, Klein, Ashwil, Mohammed, Gadija and Belay, Zinash (2023) Enzymatic and proteomic exploration into the inhibitory activities of lemongrass and lemon essential oils against Botrytis cinerea (causative pathogen of gray mold). Frontiers in Microbiology, 13. pp. 1-14. ISSN 1664-302X

Mathabe, Patricia, Ngugi, Mathew and Gaichu, Daniel (2023) Evaluation of cardiopreventive effects of Ximenia americana (Linn.) and Pappea capensis (Eckl. and Zeyh.) leaf aqueous extracts in rat models with myocardial infarction. Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9 (41). ISSN 2314-7253

McCormick, Iris Alexandra and Stokes, Jessica Elizabeth (2023) Stakeholder Challenges and Opportunities of GPS Shock Collars to Achieve Optimum Welfare in a Conservation or Farm Setting. Animals, 13 (3084). ISSN 2076-2615

Mockford, Alice, Urbaneja, A, Ashbrook, Kate and Westbury, Duncan B (2023) Developing perennial wildflower strips for use in Mediterranean orchard systems. Ecology and Evolution, 13 (7). e10285.

Morrison, Rosie and Rose, David Christian (2023) Factors that influence dairy farmers’ decisions to implement Johne’s Disease control practices: A systematic review. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 220 (106053). ISSN 01675877


Padhye, Lokesh, Srivastava, Prashant, Jasemizad, Tahereh, Bolan, Shiv, Hou, Deyi, Shaheen, Sabry M., Rinklebe, Jörg, O'Connor, David, Lamb, Dane, Wang, Hailong, Siddique, Kadambot H.M. and Bolan, Nanthi (2023) Contaminant containment for sustainable remediation of persistent contaminants in soil and groundwater. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 455 (5). p. 131575. ISSN 1873-3336

Peng, Tianyue, Zhao, Bin, O'Connor, David, Jin, Yuanliang, Lu, Ziyi, Guo, Yang, Liu, Kaiyun, Huang, Yao, Zong, Wenjing, Jiang, Jing and Zhang, Hao (2023) Comprehensive assessment of soil and dust heavy metal(loid)s exposure scenarios at residential playgrounds in Beijing, China. Science of The Total Environment, 887 (164144). ISSN 1879-1026


Rose, David Christian, Bradley, Fergal, O’Connor, Deirdre, Hall, Jilly, Morrison, Rosie, Mulkerrins, Martin, Nye, Caroline and Russell, Tomás (2023) The mental wellbeing of young farmers in Ireland and the UK: driving factors, help-seeking, and support. Scottish Geographical Journal. pp. 1-21. ISSN 1470-2541

Rose, David Christian, Schillings, Juliette and Kiely-Thurstain, Eden (2023) An ethical framework for the responsible use of technology in organic dairy farming. In: Advances in organic dairy cattle farming. Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing. (In Press)


Zhang, Enying, Zhu, Xinglian, Wang, Wenli, Sun, Yue, Tian, Xiaomin, Chen, Ziyi, Mou, Xinshang, Zhang, Yanli, Wei, Yueheng, Fang, Zhixuan, Ravenscroft, Neil, O'Connor, David, Chang, Xianmin and Yan, Min (2023) Metabolomics reveals the response of hydroprimed maize to mitigate the impact of soil salinization. Frontiers in Plant Science, 14. ISSN 1664-462X

Zhao, Bin, O'Connor, David, Zhang, Hao, Jin, Yuanliang, Wang, Yidong, Yang, Xiaodong, Hou, Renjie and Hou, Deyi (2023) Assessing mercury pollution at a primary ore site with both ancient and industrial mining and smelting activities. Environmental Pollution. p. 122413. ISSN 0269-7491

Zuza, Emmanuel Junior, Araya, Yoseph N, Emmott, Andrew and Rawes, William (2023) Promoting climate-smart sustainable agroforestry to tackle social and environmental challenges: The case of macadamia agroforestry in Malawi. Journal of Agriculture and Food Research, 14 (100846). ISSN 2666-1543

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