Soil Organisms Have Favorite Forage Plants

Crotty, Felicity (2022) Soil Organisms Have Favorite Forage Plants. Frontiers for Young Minds, 10 (660785).

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Cows and sheep eat plants known as forages. Forage plants can include grass, chicory, and clover. Forage plants vary in nutrients and tastiness. These plants can also change the ecosystem belowground for soil animals. Soil animals may move to eat or live beneath different forages. Earthworms mix up the soil and food, improving the soil habitat. Fungi break down dead plants, and organisms that eat fungi speed up this breakdown process, which creates more food for other plants and soil animals. We tested which forage plants soil animals preferred. Large numbers of earthworms were found under white clover. Tiny fungal-feeding worms and springtails (insect-like creatures) were found in greater numbers under clover and chicory. Plant-eating soil animals compete with cows and sheep for food. These plant-eaters were found in larger numbers below ryegrass. Growing plants that increase the numbers of helpful soil animals can lead to healthier soils.

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